Real Estate and Homes For Sale

We specialize in Richmond Homes For Sale.  Whether you are looking to purchase your first home or sell your 10th, we are here to help.  We pride our self on our knowledge of real estate transactions and can navigate your through the most complex of real estate deals.

Choosing only the Best Real Estate Broker

We understand that you can choose any real estate broker.  We want you to choose the best real estate broker . We work hard to make you not regret your decision to use us.  We strive to sell every house that we list and for the highest fair market value.  All brokers are not created equally – this is most likely the largest investment decision of your life, choose wisely.  We also tailor your realtor to what you are looking for – for instance, if you are buying a waterfront property – we find a broker that specializes in waterfront homes for sale.

Representing Buyers

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We offer buyer representation for the real estate buyer.  We work with you from finding the right lender and getting your finances in order to searching for a home for sale, to the contract negotiation, home inspections and ultimately getting you to the closing table. Its true that most home buyers do not pay anything for their REALTOR – that doesn’t mean that who you choose does not  matter.  Whether you are looking for luxury properties or your first home, we are here to help you every step of the way.  Unlike some other brokers out there — we NEVER miss a closing!  The closing is where all of the hard work comes together — some agents feel its not necessary to be there…WE DO!




Representing Sellers

Selling a home can be a very stressful process.  First you need to get an accurate home valuation for your property.  Once you know what you home can bring on the open market, you need a real estate marketing plan to get there. Any real estate agent will put a sign in the yard and put your listing in the MLS.  What else will they do?

What We Do To Sell Your Home

We use professional real estate photography on every one of our listings.  This insures your home is displayed in the best light for all potential buyers.  We put your home on the best real estate websites to sell your home.   This insures that you get the most exposure to your property by making sure that your property is properly displayed in search engine rankings. We put your needs above our own when selling your home.  That means we go the extra mile to get the top fair market value for your property while insuring that you are in a position of leverage every step of the way.

Real Estate Education


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We believe that you never stop learning.  That is why all of our agent don’t simply just get a real estate license and start selling.  Our agents have much more real estate education under their belts.  All agents must undergo yearly continuing education, but we take it one step further.  We hire the top real estate trainers in the country for personalized training of our agents.  We make sure that all of our agents attend the best real estate schools.  The majority of our agent don’t simply have a license, but have additional designations from the National Association of REALTORS as well as the local MLS and REALTOR boards.




Our Real Estate Technology

real estateWe believe in technology.  Technology has changed the way real estate is done in the past 5 years.  The average person sells their home every 7 years.  That means, that most likely, the last time you sold a home, technology only played a small part in the process.

Today, technology is intertwined in every aspect of any real estate transaction.  From the marketing of the property, to virtual tours, to listing syndication to electronic signatures.  You need to know that your real estate broker is staying up with the times and has the tools they need to make your real estate transaction smooth.



Display of Real Estate Listings

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Our website not only displays our listings, but all of our competitions listings.  That may sound crazy – you don’t see Toyota’s website advertising Ford trucks!!! Why would Richmond Homes For Sale be displaying other brokers listings?

The answer is simple.  We want to have something to offer all real estate buyers.  We want to be the one-stop-shop for people looking for homes for sale in Richmond.  By displaying all real estate broker’s listings, there is little reason for anyone to use any other website.  Since we prominently display our sellers listings too — this benefits not only the people searching our website for the newest homes for sale, but it puts our sellers homes right in front of them.




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