4 Little Renovations That Matter

4 Little Renovations That Matter

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Light Renovations: 4 Little Things That Matter


Real estate can be one of those tricky markets. Every little thing matters. Whether you want to buy, spruce, or sell a home, there are often little things that are neglected in the process. If you are buying a home for the first time, then the little things on this list often get your attention.

Whereas in the process of selling a home, the little things are often neglected. Please consider this list of things to do to spruce up the property and give it a much-needed facelift. This can especially be effective from the perspective of a potential home buyer.

Consider this especially true if the house is 20+ years in age and have been living at the home for a number of years. The small things are often neglected because occupants are used to looking at the home daily. So here’s to the first day of new eyes for the home:




Take a good look around. Are the colors out of date? Is there wallpaper installed? Maybe take this time to develop a short-term project to tear down the outdated wallpaper and give a fresh coat of paint with colors that pop for a modern-day feel.

Also, it won’t hurt to take a look around the exterior of the home. Check for peeling and flaking,  and it may be a good time to add a fresh coat before prospects come by. The Before-and-After pictures will look exquisite.


Crown Molding and Floorboards


Crown molding and floorboard areas tend to get less attention because they’re not utilized at any point besides to give the room a little accent. Because of this, crown molding can be outdated and unnoticed or just an unneeded distraction, depending on the stylistic goal of the room. If they are out dated it may be a good time to consider uninstalling them entirely, giving them a special coat of paint, or a good detailed cleaning.


DIY Small Bathroom Remodel | Bath Renovation Project




Especially true if you have kids, the carpet may need a good professional cleaning or may need to be replaced entirely. How long has the carpet been installed? If this question cannot be answered, it may be a good idea to haul it away and either refurbish the wood beneath or replace the carpet. Got to love that new carpet smell!


Bathroom Tile


Check out the tile in the bathroom. Particularly the grouting in between the tiles. It can get all yucky from multiple showers and start to turn colors. It may be a good idea to re-grout the tile, or if it’s not so severe then visit a local hardware store and get some tile grouting solution and give it a good scrub. It will breathe new life into the bathroom. This goes for both the shower and the floor. Any prospective buyers will assume that you’ve gotten the entire bathroom retiled when all that took place was a good cleaning.


Yes, the big things matter when it comes to taking care of a home and its basic needs. However, let’s not forget the small things. Not only do they do a wonderful as far as how the home looks and feels; it acts as a great impression on any prospective buyers or any visitors that may stop by.

For more information about how to prepare your home for sale, contact a local trusted Realtor near you.

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