Richmond Development Company – JAMAICA

Richmond Development Company – JAMAICA
The first gated-community that is presently being developed is our 3 bedroom 2 bathroom Patio Homes at The Palms, with a starting price of J,600,000.00 or US 5,000.00 at a fixed US$ conversion rate at US: J.00, (prices are subject to certified escalation). To lock into this special offer, you will need to pay your 15% deposit plus closing costs; which is a total of J,816,419.40; even if you are using a mortgage to finance your purchase!!

If you have any further questions feel free to email me at, or call me at 876-564-0528 or 954-889-6064. Now is the perfect time to buy!

Denese E. Tucker
Sales & Marketing Coordinator / Sales Agent
Richmond Development Company Ltd.
US: 954-889-6064
Cell: 876-564-0528
Fax: 876-971-9022

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  • boscobel96

    Wow! I love it,wonder what are the purchase requirements ? Simply beautiful!

  • springcolley



    its so american styled but beautiful

  • ReppinDaNiel

    I passed it the other day…the place is really beautiful!

  • Lloyd Simpson

    Y’all talking about beautiful! I hope everyone is taking this serious and gather some money and go buy a piece a land in Jamaica. The white people are buying our birth right and selling it back to us for triple the price! This is not joke! Wake up ye might people!

  • Colin Yapp

    It sure is beautiful but where do these people work ?

  • kwacou

    R u serious? For all you ignorant people, Jamaica has banks, a stock market, shipping, mining, aviation, insurance companies, publishing, health, hospitals, engineering, scientist, manufacturing, institutions of higher learning (Universities), Professors. Take a trip there and see just how many professional we have. Take a trip to Kingston and see the financial hub of Jamaica. Hard to believe people of colour can prosper in a non white country. Sad you could post something so IGNORANT.

  • kwacou

    You are aware the man in the video is Jamaican. Not all Jamaicans are Africa. I’m Jamaican of African descent and my wife is Jamaican of Syrian and Chinese descent. Jamaican is not a race it is a nationality. I’m sure many white people in America probably feel the same way about you living and buying a home in their country.

  • Colin Yapp

    I meant commuting distance from employment centers. St. Anns’ is not really close to Kingston nor Montego. Therefore, it appears that this development is more resort/retirement than a regular residential community. I could be wrong. Also, I do know that Jamaica as a developed economy. I am Jamaican by the way.

  • kwacou

    I apologize,it’s just that so many people post nasty things about Jamaica and Jamaicans.I too, lived in the US, moved back home and loving it, in spite of some difficulties.The feeling of being free is truly priceless.You might make more money in Canada, US or England but you lose your own personal identity.You just become a race or an ethnicity (an invisible man).Funny is that I’m making more money living in Jamaica then I ever did in the US. We all need to return and build our paradise home.

  • sheneka grant

    I feel really sorry for Jamaican who are living in JA the average Jamaican cannot afford 15000000 to buy a comfortable home where are the jobs in Jamaica only Foreigners can afford those homes do you realized that it is cheaper to buy a home in the US than in Jamaica how sick is that these builders are crazy, are building for the Jamaican population or for foreigners

  • sheneka grant

    what happen to the Jamaican dollars u notice everything that is in Jamaica selling for US dollars what happen to the country own money?


    I’d never buy a house in jamaica i’d rather build one,15.6 mil for a tiny house hell no…i can use 10 mil and build a 4 bedroom 2 bath living room kitchen and porch for that money and if i wanna raise some chicken for egg or meat i can do so but on that property i couldn’t lol that’s a joke…

  • Grigoryxxx

    sure, where is Jamaican dollar as well ???

  • Sandra Rose

    I am STILL in love Jamaica and Richmond Est! Recently moved back to JA to get a feel for the place after 40 years of living the US…nice place to live…AND I shall not be moved despite the disappointments that I have recently experienced at this place. JUST SAYIN buy here yes…BUT use common sense….which I took for granted… GATED in Jamaica does not mean secure or the same as USA…..and to purchase one of these in FLA Ocean Drive you need $500K+. #TheivesLive/WorkInGATEDCommunitiesToo

  • Sandra Rose

    Lots of seniors who worked 3 jobs like a dog in the US…are returning home and live here. The average person in ANY country afford a 200K home any place. Many young professional Jamaicans who went to school, work hard and got a descent job and save their money over the years…live here.

  • Sandra Rose

    I do concur with you on a few things…but don’t believe the lies about Jamaica…it is as unsafe as any place else…ie Florida…where as a single BLACK woman I was afraid to even DRIVE to the store down the road at night…racial slurs, attacks, because haters think you dont deserve to live in their community and think you are a maid invading vs a home owner…SAME CRAP and this property is even cheaper than most. I am a finance person -did my homework before I moved back home after 40 yrs.

  • Sandra Rose

    Except for CRIME and POVERTY….comparing Jamaica to America is like comparing apple and oranges. CRIME and POVERTY are two things that is prevalent everywhere…its just not in you face like in JA. AND YES…we have sold out our island to Foreingners…who you think are buying up all the FORECLOSURERS privately In the US…..while you all are watching CNN and selling us Foood Poision…ie Walmarts..Answer CHINA is Everywhere!.

  • Sandra Rose

    AMEN….AND….this is exactly the propaganda…that folks were made to believe about Harlem…Unsafe, All Black Folks are dangerous animals, So the natives fleed from their culture and valuable brownstones. Now re-gentrification has allowed the rich and famous to move in and scoop up abandoned brownstones and its now the new mecca for the OTHER professionals. I live here…and just like any place…nothing is a perfect as marketed…there are MANY returning Jamaicans who LOVE JA right here!

  • debrak04

    This is beautiful !!! i can’t wait to get my home in JA so i can return home…such a beautiful island 🙂

  • Tamara J.

    Sandra Rose…what dissappointments did you experience at this place?

  • Seon Long

    The place is beautiful and I was tempted to invest.  However, I did wonder what is the catch was – there must be one – like the maintenance cost for one!  As pointed out I do agree it probably is best and cheaper to build your own home, plus thieves live and work in gated communities! That said lots of returnees get rob blind building their own home – everything is a risks!

  • Slogan

    I am an average, hardworking Jamaican and my husband and I bought our home at Richmond three years now. We both worked hard, save our money (did not party it out) We have not regretted ONE single day.

    I hate when people who do not live in Jamaica makes all these kind of assumptions. And Mr Yap, is Kingston or Montego Bay the only place to work? Ocho Rios is 10 minutes away. It’s not the place for anyone who wants to raise chickens, set up a shop or bar or play loud music all through the night and guess what? There are many of us who are sick and tired of communities that start out nice and in the blink of an eye become a commercial area.

    A monthly maintenance fee is common for all true gated communities, home or abroad. If it’s not for you then fine but don’t bad mouth a beautiful, safe, relaxing place unless you live and experience it for yourself.

  • MsRoyal123

    My sister’s and I pooled our resources together and purchased a property here.  We are so excited and cannot wait for our Lot to be built and for us to move in (family vacation home). Love JA bad 🙂

  • Vera Walker

    they are nice house but cant offord

  • Donna Jacksin

    I definitely would like to buy a home in JA. I am a US citizen looking for a vacation and permanent home to resign in. My husband and I need a home away from home. Can anyone give me info on living in Jamaica for a certain time period, since I am a US citizen….Please and Thank you

  • Harold Brown

    this place is awesome in there already can’t wait to tie up foreign bizz and moveee home job done, stay focus on the plan put God in it and it will happen some how, some way and never loose hope to God the glory, Richmond we deh an we nah go no wey yes it happen


    I want to win the lottery so I can buy 3 house 1 for my father and 1 for my mother and 1 for myself so when my ass get old and can’t take the cold anymore in uncle Sam country I just get along in together and come back to my sweet sweet Jamaica long and wood and water

  • Ingrid James

    All these homes are sold, so they needs to take down the adds.

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